Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How many days is the Program?

Answer: The program is 30 days, and there is the bonus 5 days needed to get your body to create a new weight. The extra time is to be sure you can maintain your new weight. Then an adjustment period as your new life begins. 


Question: Who is the Sempra Health Weight Loss Program for?

Answer: For anyone who wants to lose weight, keep it off, and not break the bank to do it. Big, tall, large, small… It really does not matter. The program is safe and effective. Even if you are disabled or cannot exercise this program will help you lose weight. Many years and learning has gone into this program to make it work for almost anyone. This isn’t some fun sales line, it’s a mission I took on, and will stand by it. 


Question: I see your site says I will eat real food. Do I need to buy food from you?

Answer: No, and this is a great question. The Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide gives the parameters of food options and combinations. Go buy your own food and grocery shop just like before the program.

Question: Do you have actual clinics? I have heard the name Sempra Health/Medical before.

Answer: Yes, We have a clinic in Falmouth Massachusetts, and Norwich Connecticut. They focus more on clinical care than weight loss. 


Question: Is it true that I don’t need to exercise to lose weight with this program? Is that safe? 

Answer: Yes, it is true. Absolutely safe. When you are eating a ton of veggies, proteins, fruits and following the program, you will lose weight and add energy. I do recommend doing a small exercise each day just to get rid of the excess skin you will have after losing the weight. Man-boobs and excess flab often happens from losing weight fast. I recommend a simple plank exercises or sprint exercises. See below for details.

Question: What is a Plank Exercise? I am busy how long will they take? 

Answer: 7 Minutes or less. Plank is one of the best calorie burning and beneficial exercises. A plank hold engages multiple muscles at once, thereby benefiting the core strength of your body. Not just burning the fat around your abdomen area, they also work by giving you an improved posture, flexibility as well as a tighter tummy. Simple and easy! No Gym Membership, no cardio, speed walking or running needed!


Question: Can I buy the supplements separately?

Answer: Yes… If you are going to do the program you really need to do it right, with the correct supplements. The Sempra Health Weight Loss Supplement, Our Multivitamin, and our Apple Cider Vinegar Blends are designed to be used together. (The packaged deal is better priced for that reason) Free Tip: The Pink Salk is not as important to buy from us, there is a lot of good Himalayan and Hawaiian blends you can get at your grocery store. You still must use the pink salt, but you can save a couple of dollars, or you may already have some in stock. 

Question: Why is the Pink Salt a separate option in the package?

Answer: Similar to the answer above I have no problem with multiple kinds of Pink Salt. Be sure there is no clumping and look for a recognizable brand name. The shipping of Pink Salt has become a difficult process. The minimum amount we need to order to keep on hand is getting rediculous. If you want to save a few bucks by all means, go for it. Pink Salt will become a new mainstay in your kitchen. See the bottom section for additional discount options.


Question: Will you be adding more supplements?

Answer: Yes as long as we get a few requests. A Joint Flex Capsule, Neurological Capsule for Memory Plus Concentration, and Ultra Testosterone Capsule are the  top options right now. The idea would be to help keep the energy and focus needed to maintain your goals. Do this when you are done with the program.                      NOTE: We will only products that make sense in why we do what we do. Father time is undefeated – but age can be just a number.


Question: I am taking the Apple Cider Vinegar and sometimes my stomach feels upset. Is this Normal? 

Answer: This can happen when you aren’t drinking enough water with the supplement. We like people to drink 8 ounces of water with the ACV supplement. The book says 10 minutes before a meal. You can take it with the meal if preferred, but you must drink enough water either way. Always drink the 8 oz. of water with the ACV supplement. I like to drink 8 to 16 oz. with the capsule and meal total. This is not only short term for the program, but overall, in life as well. Keeps the energy up. Always like more energy.


Question: I am actually a little hungry. The Sempra Health Weight Loss Guide says I shouldn’t be. Why is this happening?

Answer: Great question. Since you eat a about pound of veggies, protein and a fruit you should not be hungry. This means you are not eating enough veggies. If you happen to be hungry just add some more veggies. Veggies can be unlimited, Remember – We don’t starve using the Sempra Health Program.                                  This is a life change not a diet or the newest pill craze. In order to help 10 million people we need to be sticking around for a while.


Question:  Can I get a repeat customer discount? Fast forward a year after losing all of that weight, I got a little lazy afterwards. I may need to do the program again. 

Answer: Don’t beat yourself up. We are human and we all get lazy at times. Just send me an email and we will send you a 25% off discount for 2nd time returning clients. You already have the guide and can just order one supplement or program supplements. Email is at the bottom of each page. Note: My wife is a great cook and enjoys baking as well, I don’t always say no (darn sweets) It is hard to resist as times. My wife walks 5 miles per day, and I just don’t have her exercise drive.


DISCOUNT TIME: You may just want to keep buying Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules or our Multivatamins, so…

3rd time clients and every time after get 40% off on anything you buy from us. We know that supplements are competitive, and finding good quality is difficult, so we want to give you a reason to stay with Sempra Health and refer us. Please look at the 40% off tab at the top of the page for further information.

25% Off For Returning Clients… 40% Off 3rd Time Returning Clients. You Get This Every Time After the 3rd. We love our customers – Always Free Shipping! 


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